“Ahlan Wa Sahlan”… Welcome to See Jordan Tours

logoSee Jordan Tours like our country Jordan is small in size but large in its aspirations to provide all our guests with superior quality in the desired service of their holidays. Our travel agency has a clear vision of its mission, clear goals emanate from its strategic plan, and clear values to lead our thinking to achieve these lofty aspirations.

See Jordan Tours invite you to read its mission of statement and values and see if they resonant with you as much as they do with me. If they do, we are the right travel agency for you.

See Jordan Tours team has passion in serving the guests and building everlasting life-story through their Travel with us. Travel for us is not airplane, hotel, tour and car rentals, Travel are the memories we want you to bring back with you, Experiencing new destinations, meeting new people and getting back together with existing friends.

See Jordan Tours offers complete solutions for the widest array of travel services including cultural, recreational, adventure, camping, corporate, conferences and special group’s arrangements as well as the most exciting incentive travel packages.

We do encourage you to visit the land of different ancient civilization where you will enjoy a remarkable experience and you will be convince that SJT services are exceptional.


Our Name:

See Jordan Tours is a travel & tour operator and tourist agency which offers tours and holidays in Jordan and Petra at affordable prices. Travel to Jordan with See Jordan Tours!

Like Jordan, we are small in size but have big aspirations to provide all our guests with the superior quality of holiday that they deserve. Our travel agency has a clear vision of its mission, clear goals that emanate from its strategic plan and clear values that lead us to achieve our high aspirations.


Our Credo

We believe that our guests come first and it is our Endeavour to grant our guests satisfaction with our Arabic generosity of hospitality and quality services.

We love what we do and challenge ourselves everyday to search for the best travel value experiences available for our guest.

We are always responsive to the expressed and unexpressed wishes and needs of our guests.

Our Vision:

A dynamic and reliable travel agency recognized as one of the leading travel agencies in Jordan through our commitment to guest satisfactions and expectations.

Our Mission:

We build upon the uniqueness of our multicultural guest body while serving guests for memorable and personal experiences for our guests to the core of Jordan culture, history and affluence of wisdom.

Our Values:

  • Respect
    Our clients for their views, opinions and values.
  • Honesty
    Our clients deserve honesty in all aspects of our business
  • Responsibility
    Our clients serve in a fair manner.
  • Caring
    Our client’s needs will remain as a first priority.
  • Commitment
    Our client’s joy is our obligation
  • Proficiently
    We seek to provide quality of services and valued experiences for our clients.
  • Creative
    We always look to make our services exceed the client’s travel needs

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