Things To Do

Jordan Museum

Located in the downtown Ras al-‘Ayn, The Jordan Museum preserves the historical and cultural riches of Jordan in galleries. The Jordan Museum has rightly emerged as a national center for learning and knowledge and it houses the ancient, antique and heritage property of the country.

Arab Heritage Museum

In the year 1992, the Exhibition of Arab Heritage and Recent Discoveries was opened for the common public. The motive of Arab Heritage Museum was simple – educating the Jordanian population about the Arab cultures, and the Department of Antiquities was the main source of help in this cause. From pottery and gold coins to weapons and glass, the Arab Heritage Museum houses it all, with the Silver Ptolemaic Hoard from Iraq-al-Amir being the key attraction. The early Byzantine and Islamic mosaics as well as the architectural remains of some old temples are found at Arab Heritage Museum, and you can also find the limestone head of the water nymphs that were recently discovered at Amman. The exhibits are transferred to other museums of Jordan and the change of display is annual.

Gallery Of Fine Arts

Established by the Royal Society for Fine Arts, the Gallery of Fine Arts is all about patronizing contemporary arts in Jordan and Arab countries. The Gallery of Fine Arts is based at Jabal Al Weibdeh in Amman and it collaborates with the other art galleries and conducts exhibitions as a part of the cultural exchange. Having started with around 50 works, the Gallery of Fine Arts now houses 2000 works from 520 different artists belonging to 43 Arab and Islamic countries. The Gallery of Fine Arts has organized more than 50 exhibitions from major European and American sources, with the prominent names being:
• Center Pompidou, Paris
• The Victoria and Albert Museum, London
• Geneva Museum of History
• Art and the Harvard Semitic Museum
• Turkish Museums
• The Museum of Modern Art, Cairo

The Children’s Museum

The Children’s Museum houses an exhibit hall and a multi-purpose hall as well as a library and IT center. Specially designed for the children under 14 years of age, The Children’s Museum houses an activity room and a birthday room. The outdoor spaces of The Children’s Museum have an exhibit area and theatre, and there is a museum shop, cafe and planetarium as well.

Royal Automobile Museum

Depicting the history of Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan from the 1920s, the Royal Automobile has featured cars that depict the life and leadership of His Majesty the Late King Hussein. The Royal Automobile depicts the automotive advancements of the country right from the times when the kingdom was founded to the present times. The use of the photographs and videos that are rare archives enhances the appeal, and there is a library, multimedia room and souvenir shop in the Royal Automobile. The easy guide and the electronic narration are the hallmarks of the Royal Automobile, with the narration taking place in Arabic, English, Spanish, French and German.

Rainbow Street

Situated at Jabal Amman, the Rainbow Street is named after the Rainbow Cinema, and it houses cafes and restaurants as well as antique shops and galleries. The Rainbow Street is known as a heritage attraction point and some of the landmark points at the Rainbow Street are Falafel-al-Quds and Books@Cafe. While the former has a mouth-watering delicacy to its credit, the latter is the hub for good food and coffee as well as music, books and internet access. On every Friday, the Rainbow Street houses the Souq Zara, which is an open-air flea market organized by the Residents’ Association. You can find antiques, pottery and handicrafts at the Rainbow Street on every Friday and that too, at reasonable prices.