Mount Nebo :

Jabal Nebo is the name given to the range of high hills that runs between WadiAfrit in the south and WadiAyun Musa in the north. The hills end at three different points: Jebel Nebo, Khirbet el-Mukhayyet and Jebel Siyagha. History has it that the third hill, Jebel Siyagha, is where Moses saw the land of Canaan beyond the River Jordan, without being able to enter it, and where he realized that his long journey and a life of 120 years had come to an end. The landscape is of exceptional beauty, and offers a magnificent view of the Dead Sea, the narrow ribbon of the Jordan, the lush oasis of Jericho, the violet mountains of Judea and, on clear days, the walls of Jerusalem can be seen in the distance.

The remains of the church and monastery that were built on the mount in the 6th and 7th centuries house beautiful mosaics, which have now been carefully restored. and protected, and are worth a lingering visit.